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Best Strip Clubs Las Vegas

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Best Strip Clubs in Vegas

Our topless choice is Spearmint Rhino for its great selection of lap dancers. For those who prefer nude, Little Darlings offers a more athletic type of dancer. If you need both nude and alcohol, Palomino Club is the only one grandfathered before a law change that does not allow nude clubs to serve alcohol.


Below are write-ups of selected clubs.  Cover Girls will be reviewed after their opening as well with Secret to follow. LollyPops is a new club and we are probably the only website wtih a review of it. We have started with Topless but will add Nude club reviews shortly.


Spearmint Rhino


Highest recommendation for topless Vegas Strip Club with liquor.  Mid-sized, 18K sq. ft., can get very packed with club goers and strippers.  $22 Cover if out-of-town.  Free Limo waives the cover--highly recommended.  Drive yourself, no cab kickback, also saves cover.


Easily best looking dancers (mostly 8s to 10s).  At high end of Buxom scale. Can get into hundreds when crowded and 40 dancers when not busy. Main stage and satellites in very upscale setting.  Dancing and pole work somewhat below average but key attraction is $20 lap dancing.


VIP $200 for 1/2 hour plus buy 2 drinks.  Celebrity is $400 an hour plus $440 bottle.  Additional tips.  Often a wait for VIP/Celebrity  which are not very secluded or large.


1pm to 8pm Happy Hour, $3 beer, shots.  Has several bottom bottles, Belvedere is $100.  Regular pricing $13 for drinks.


Food now served 24/7 including Sundays. $5.50 Lunch specials such as burgers from 1 pm to 8pm include fries and beer.  Items range low to high, Pancakes $4 to appetizer platter $15. Good quality.


Grade:  A+  Spearmint Rhino is best lap dance club in Vegas. Hustle factor has risen to moderately high levels; expect to say no a lot, not all dancers are good sports.





Topless with liquor, hookah lounge, no cover charge, open Sun-Thu 5pm-4am, Fri 3pm-5am and Sat 5am-5pm.  Formerly nude/no alcohol Baby Dolls.


Dancers are below average looks ranging from 2-7, heavier than average but about average on Buxom scale.  [Current stripper said Babes has $5 tip-out and gets beginners or end of career dancers while higher tip-outs such as $80 at Spearmint Rhino weeds out strippers who can't get a lot of tips] Babe's often has only a handful of girls and even during crowded times does not get much over 20 at best.


Dancing usually below average.  There is a large main stage and a smaller satellite stage near the hookah area that is often empty.  $20 Lap dances are somewhat less average contact quality for Vegas. Babe's sometimes has feature dancers who have outstanding stage shows.


Vegas hookah is often priced at about $15 with refills at $8.  When offered in a club setting, it is usually priced at twice the typical rate.  Babe's hookah is $12 and $5 refill and their 20+ varieties are reasonably competitive except for the hookah specialists which can offer 90-150 shisas including non-tobacco shishas. Babe's may be better as a hookah lounge than Vegas strip club.


Happy Hour prices are 2 for 1 (most expensive drinks are $10) from 5pm to 7pm daily except for Fridays 3pm to 7pm.  You can also get lap dances 2 for 1 during these hours.  On Thursday there is a $1 beer special from 8pm-10pm.


Grade:  C  Not a bad hookah lounge/locals bar.  Babe's need more and better strippers to be competitive with other Vegas strip clubs.  Low hustle factor.





24/7 Topless with Liquor.  Older, not as upscale as newer clubs but outstanding lap dances.  $10 cover if by cab but 2 drinks for cover.  If no cab, locals are free.


Dancers range from 3-7, overall a bit below average as well as older but more buxom than average too.  1 main stage and 5 small satellites. Stage show dancing below average with pole work well below average.  Lap dancing excellent. Dark venue, opposite of Hustler.  Darkness fosters mileage for lap dances.


At slow times, only a handful of dancers.  Early evening expect about 25 with peak dancers around 80+ on weekends.


$20 lap dances unless 7am-7pm when half price.  3 songs, $100. VIP is available for $200 half hour and no drink or bottle service required but VIP not necessary since darkness provides fair amount of privacy.


Happy Hour runs 7am to 9pm with 2 beers for $9.  3 Jager shots for $10.  When not on special beer is $6 and can make any drink a double for $2. No Food on premise.


Grade:  B+ Cheetahs highly recommended for lap dances if dancer looks not as important as grinding and stick shift ability.  Hustle factor below average.



Chicas Bonitas


Latina topless with liquor, $10 after 7pm except always no cover Mon-Tue.  Open 11 am to 4 am.  Formerly Satin Saddle then Cheerleaders. Very close to Palmino.


About 75% latina, 20% black, some white strippers in this dive bar.  Looks below average from 3-7 with heavier figures and some C-section scars on older than average dancers.  Afternoon crews may only be a handful with up to 20 or so strippers on busy night.  Patrons mostly Hispanic working class, latin music, Spanish predominant language.


2 stages, small circular at left with larger stage against the wall.  Behind curtain in far right corner is VIP section which is couch seating only, no privacy guaranteed.  Stage dancing and pole work okay with dancers quite responsive to tips.  Enthusiastic grind Lap dancing is $10 on main floor and $25 in VIP ($5 House fee included).  No topless on the main floor, topless and often a little more touching in VIP.  No drink or bottle minimum for VIP.


Beers $7 except during Happy Hours Mon-Fri from 11am to 7 pm when pitchers are $5 and drafts in glasses $1.  No food but Jerry's Nugget casino is close with an excellent cafe and there is usually a taco truck behind building that is very good.


Sometimes hustle factor is not just low but actually negative.  Non-hispanics may not be approached by spanish speaking only dancers even with smiles and waves.  If you tip during their stage dance, they usually will approach for lap dances.  There are 1 or 2 girls who are more aggressive than the others.


Grade:  B-  Not typical fit for most Vegas Gentlemen's Club goers.  Chicas Bonitas serves a latina dive bar niche and does it well.


Club Platinum


Very small topless club with liquor.  No cover.  Near Tuscany and Clarion hotel.  Open 6:30pm to 3-5am depending on crowd.  Formerly Tender Trap.


Dancers below average looks ranging from 3-7 with average age in 30's but on buxom scale, about average.  At peak (around 10-11 pm) Club Platinum will have 5-8 dancers.  Stage dancing below average with lap dancing noticeably above average.


There is a VIP room that is 3 songs for $120 and sometimes mileage is quite good but highly dependent on individual stripper.


7 Video Poker machines (25 cents, 50 cents and $1) Beer and most wells are $5.  No Happy Hour.  No food but Tuscany Italian restaurant is highly recommended.


Grade:  C-  Raise half a grade if MILF types preferred.  Only Girls of Glitter Gulch and Club Platinum where 40 year old strippers can be found with some regularity.



Club Paradise


Topless with liquor, open 5pm-8am Mon-Fri and 6pm to 8am Sat-Sun.  $30 cover, $20 if no cab and free if local and no cab.  Convenient location near Hard Rock.


Dancers are easily more buxom than average, with above average looks around 6-9.  Stage dancing/costumes well above average but lap dancing below average.When Club Paradise opens, there may only be 2 girls and that number may only go up to 25 as night wears on with higher numbers for the weekend nights. Dancers are friendlier than average and spend time chatting to crowd.


There is a main stage and a VIP stage that is usually empty.  For now, the poles are left in but in the past have been taken out. Main stage show is well performed and often best in Vegas.


Lap dances are $20 with VIP starting at 3 for $100 plus 2 drink minimum at $15 each ($130 total without tip).  $260 for half hour with full hour $500.  Higher end VIP requires $400 bottle service for an Absolut/Jack Daniels type of bottom bottle. High end VIP room is often empty.


$8 for a beer and $12 average for other drinks.  Bottle service starts at $250.  Sometimes drink specials for events.  No food on premises but good selection of nearby restaurants.


Grade:  B.  If you prefer stage show and not lap dancing, Club Paradise is recommended and you would adjust grade up a full notch. Low hustle factor.



Crazy Horse 3


24/7 topless with liquor.  15K Sq. ft. out of the 40K Sq. Ft Playground complex.  Playground has after hours nightclub.  Formerly Sin, then Penthouse. $30 cover, if no cab and local, free.


Dancers well above average looks from 5-9.  Spearmint Rhino/Sapphires top tier, Crazy Horse high 2nd tier.  About average on Buxom scale.


Non-peak as few as half dozen to well over 100 when busy.  Average shifts around 25.  Crazy Horse 3 gets busy a couple of hours later than most Vegas Gentlemen's Clubs.  Main stage has 20 ft. pole, centrally located on main floor with surrounding comfortable booths. Well above average stage dancing and excellent pole work.  Music is borderline too loud.


$20 lap dancing only average mileage.  3 songs $100, 1/2 hour $200. Curtained off private VIP rooms are $500 for girl and $500 required bottle service.  VIP mileage varies from dancer to dancer but is at best average.


Happy Hour is Noon to 8pm daily with $2 beer and $5 wells.  Regular priced beers are $9, cocktails $12+.


Food is moderately priced bar food and sushi.  Sushi is ordered from the bar and starts at $12 for rolls going up to $16.  Sushi quality not bad but not worth special trip.


Grade:  B+  Very good choice if stage dancing important, not so great if lap dancing fan.  Hustle factor slightly above average. VIP expensive.


Deja Vu


24/7 topless club with liquor, used to be a top nude club/no alcohol.  Open 4pm to 6am everyday except Sun, 4pm to 4am.  Cover is $30 for out-of-towners but 2 drinks included.  Locals free except for Tuesdays, $10 with 1 drink included.


Dancers looks are average, from 4-8.  Lower middle on Buxom scale.  Younger and slightly thinner than average Vegas strip club.  On slow afternoon may only have 2 dancers,  when very busy 20 or so.  Best night is almost always Tuesday--not Fri/Sat.


Stage dancing and pole work has declined since going topless but is still well above average.  Lap dancing is quite good with heavy grind.  VIP is $30 for bed dances and mileage is well above average if generous.  Songs are shorter than average for Vegas.


Happy Hour daily from 4 to 8 pm.  Usual beer price is $9 but see discount schedule.  No food, some pretzels/chips at bar.


Mon--$5 Mojitos

Tue--$2 Any beer, shot, liquor

Wed--Stripper vampire costumes, $3 Vodka/Long island Ice Teas

Wed--last Wed of month, Zombie costume $3 beer/wells

Thu--Half price for locals

Fri--$5 Margaritas

Sun--Free Vodka during Happy Hour


Grade;  C  On Tuesdays, raise to B+ due to more strippers and cheap drinks.  Deja Vu went from being a great nude club to being an okay topless Vegas strip club.  Hustle factor average but rising.



Girls, Girls, Girls


Topless with liquor.  Cover charge Out-of-town $50, $5 locals.  Open 6 pm to 6 am, Sundays open 8 pm to 4 am. Was the old 10K sq.ft. Seamless which became Deja Vu Exotic Ultralounge, then Strip Hop and now Vince Neil's Girls, Girls, Girls.


15-30 dancers, more on weekends.  Live music and Vince Neil performs sometimes.  He is usually at club 1-2 times a weeks such as Saturday evenings.


Dancer looks are good ranging from about 5-8.  About average to above average on Buxom scale.  Surprisingly, not all have tattoos.  Dancing and pole work slightly above average.


$20 Lap dances with VIP pricing in flux.  Website has $2K Guitar Player package but will probably end up under $1K.  Other prices may also change so be sure to call the strip club for an update.  Drummer package is $450 for party of 5 including Sky and Red Bull mixers.


Owned by Deja Vu family of strip clubs and Vu card member which is rewards program for Little Darlings, and Deja Vu.  Vince Neil not owner but figures prominently, can schedule for meet and greet for high rollers.


Happy Hour 6pm to 9pm, $1 beers, $1 cocktails.  Bottles included in packages, $100 on Tuesdays.  Sunday Happy Hour 8pm to 10 pm.  Regular pricing $3-5.  No food but will add kitchen in future.


Mon--Free for Local Industry

Tue--$100 bottles

Wed--Battle of Bands

Thu--Amateur Wet T shirt contest

Fri--Live music

Sat--Live music

Sun--Girls with tatoos, no cover/free drinks


Grade:  B+ if Crue fan,  C- if not.  Girls, Girls, Girls could be a good locals bar with live music and specials.  Not yet a great strip club but possible upgrade to rating over time. Low hustle factor.



Girls of Glitter Gulch


Topless with Liquor downtown strip club.  Open Sun-Thu 1pm to 4am, Fri and Sat 1pm to 5am.  No cover, but must buy 2 drinks at $9.25 each.  No locals discount, most traffic is walk-in tourists.


Dancers looks have widest range in Vegas, from 1-8 but overall well below average with a few exceptions.  If attractive stripper does not have car and is staying downtown, Glitter is her only option so sometimes they dance here. Usually older, heavier than average for Las Vegas strip club.  There may be fewer than 12 when its slow and perhaps up to 30 strippers when busy.


Stage dancing is below average with some dancers not particularly happy.  Lap dances are not standard priced $20.  Varies with stripper but always higher than Vegas average.  Expect to pay $30 or more for well below average contact and most of the dancers hold out for VIP


VIP starts 3 for $100, $300 for a half hour.  VIP is a large room shared with others and mileage is no better than main floor.


The hustle factor has risen somewhat in Vegas but is high here at Glitter Gulch.  There is a steady rotation of strippers asking for dances and not always in the friendliest manner though there are exceptions.


Drinks start at $9.25 with no happy hour.  No food but plenty of downtown options such as Golden Gate.


Grade:  D  If you are downtown with no car, it is an option if willing to hold out for the hot strippers also stuck downtown.  Hustle factor high.




Topless club with liquor open from 4pm to mid morning.  The old Chez Moi was completely redone and expanded into its new address with 70,000 square feet total on 3 levels. $30 cover (includes $20 lap dance) waived if local.


First level houses 20K sq ft. sex toy shop and main floor with 2 stages with high poles and about 15-20 seats around each of the stages.  The second level has a VIP bar and stage and has a see-through catwalk view of the bottom floor.  Second floor also has the 20 Honey Suites.


Rooftop has a 360 degree view with bar and table seating.  It is used  on Sundays for their free buffet.


Dancers looks range from 4-8 and are about average for a Vegas Strip Club as well as on a Buxom scale.  Dancer age might be slightly older than average.  Dancing is average overall but pole work can be the best in Vegas depending on the dancer.  Also has feature dancer


$20 lap dances.  Vip is $400 for 1/2 hour, $700 full hour with $250 bottle included.  Mileage in VIP is at least as high as any other gentlemen's club in Vegas if not higher.


Free drinks from 4-6pm, $2 from 6-9pm.


Mon--$1 Beers and Amateurs

Tue--$5 calls and $100 champagne buckets

Thu--$3 Beer and Vodka

Sun--$1 Beer

Sun--No Cover; 6 or more free bottle service; rooftop buffet  RSVP at 775-513-5260


Grade:  B  Higher rating for Larry Flynt's Hustler Club if VIP, free drinks/buffet important.  Hustle factor varies from low to medium.



Larry's Villa


24/7 topless with liquor.  No cover charge.


Dancers tend to be black with some latinas and whites.  Looks below average at around 2-6.  Unlike most strip clubs, enhanced breasts are non-existent here so Buxom scale is below average.  Dancers are heavier than average.


During slower times there will be a half dozen girls on with up to a dozen strippers when the club is busy.  Stage dancing is below average but the girls respond well to tipping.


Lap dancing takes place in the room with couches and limited privacy.  Grind is average but hands off policy enforced.  Overall lap dancing is below average.  Can also get 1/2 hour for $250 and 1 hour for $500.


No Happy Hour pricing but Larry's Lager is $2 normal price with most drafts also $2.  Most other drinks are $6.  Pizza, chicken wings served with pricing at $6.  Pizza okay, wings a bit better.  Popeye's chicken is in front, Church's chicken across street.


15 Video Poker machines, 25 cents to $1.  $20 play gets free drink.  Larry's Villa has a rewards card for frequent gamblers.


Grade:  C+  As a locals dive the $2 beer and video poker make it a decent choice if you don't like upscale joints.  Hustle factor is low and the dancers are very friendly.  Larry's Villa is not a good Vegas strip club, but you may not care.



The Library


Topless with liquor.  Open Thu-Sat from 5pm to 5 am.  Before 9pm no cover. Ladies Free. $10 out of town.  $5 locals.  $25 lifetime pass.


Used to be good locals club but has slipped over the years. Owner health issues, remodeling not finished, website down.


Dancers looks about average for Vegas from 4-7, somewhat high for a locals strip club.  Lower middle of Buxom scale.  About 7 dancers when not busy, peak number of strippers is 15-30 depending on night.


Stage dancing can be very good when shower show is on but recent Friday night, club was not busy enough.  Stage dancing is average with $20 lap dancing below average.  Mileage seems to have fallen off.


Beers are $8 with mixed drinks $10.  Pool table gone.  The Kitchen is closed but not far is Boulder Station with many dining choices, some good.


Grade:  C-  Still some nice looking strippers who are very friendly.  Low hustle factor.  Remodel finish, more dancers, specials, etc. would help.





Mostly black 24 hour topless club with liquor--5K sq. ft.  About dozen dancers a night, at least 1 dancer during day.  The old Pleasures became Runway, then Mile High and now LollyPops.


Owned by rapper Akinyele.  Hip-Hop/R&B. No gang attire/hoodies, no red or blue shoelaces. Usually security check.  $10 cover if out-of-town.


8am to 8pm Happy Hour half price specials: $2 Beer, $5 well. Remy, Hennessey not included in special. Bottom Bottle $99 Sky Vodka.


Dancers' looks range 4-8 on KMG/Smooth scale.  Tattoo frequency slightly above average.  Above average dancing overall but pole work average. On a Buxom scale LollyPops is lower middle.


Fairly large rectangular main stage with pole and surrounding seating . DJ booth with resident DJ at night. Only 1 VIP with 7 couches usually reserved at night. Standard $20 lap, VIP (if available) $100 for 3 dances.


Recommendation:  B+ (if Hip-Hop/Urban fan); C- (if not). LollyPops is a nice locals bar, not so great strip club.  Only pure Hip-Hop gentlemen's club in Vegas. Low hustle factor.





24/7 Topless with liquor changed name from Olympic Garden to OG. Formerly the top strip club in Vegas.  $20 cover before 6 pm, $30 after 6 pm unless local not using a cab to get to club, then free.


OG Dancers used to be roughly at Spearmint Rhino level but over the years has trended down to the 4-8 range or somewhat above average for Vegas.  On Buxom scale, one of the top strip clubs in Vegas.


Stage dancing a bit above average with $20 lap dances still among the best in Vegas.  If you can't afford VIP but can do laps, OG is a good choice. During slow times, handful to 20 dancers with 100+ when busy.  Friday and Saturday nights, OG is almost as fun at it used to be.  Other days, less so.


VIP before 6pm $100 for 3 dances with 2 drink minimum at $20 per drink ($140 total without tips).  A booth after 6 pm requires bottle service at $325 but OG includes an additional Absolut bottle or 2 bottles total.  Dancer rates vary but expect OG to be at high end of Vegas for total VIP room and dancer fees.


Happy Hour domestic beers, wells are $3.50 from 6am to 6 pm every day.  Non-discount pricing is $10 a beer and up even for non-alcoholic. No food on premise but Boston Pizza is across from parking lot and has very good wings, fairly good pizza.


Summary:  B. OG has good lap dances and nice selection of dancers on Friday and Saturday night.  Not so great for VIP compared to newer clubs.  Hustle factor is about average.



Play It Again Sam's


Topless with liquor, local's bar.  Out of towners pay $10 cover after 7pm.  Advertised as 24 hours but stage opens at 2 pm.  About 6 girls not busy, busy night 15-20.


Looks range from 3-7, about 5 years older, maybe 10 lbs. heavier than Vegas average.  Ethnic diversity well above average. Lower middle on Buxom scale.  Dance skills about average or below for the stage but lap dances can range up to exceptional in the VIP.


Standard $20 lap, with 2 VIP rooms.  One room is Fantasy, other is VIP.  Half hour in VIP is $225 with 2 drinks.  Full hour is $450 with 4 drinks.  Fantasy is 5 dances for $100.  Mileage can sometimes be very good but has been trending lower.


7am to 7 pm Happy Hour discounts: beer, well, and wine at $3.50 instead of $5.50.  $100 Bottom bottle is Sky, Grey Goose is $200.


Food delivered from nearby restaurants.  Kung Fu is fairly good for Thai, also has Chinese.  Flamingo Pizza below average.  Some Greek from Sofia's is not bad.


Recommendation:  B-  Not bad as a local's bar with video poker but not a great Vegas gentlemen's club.  Very low hustle factor.





24 hour Topless with alcohol, 70K sq. ft. converted athletic club tehcnically largest strip club in the U.S.  However, about half or more of the club is curtained off, not open to the public most days.


$33 cover but if no cab kickback and local, then free entry. Over 100 dancers or so on busy nights, less than 40 when not busy.  Looks are comfortably above average and range from 6-9.  On a Buxom scale, Sapphires' somewhat artificially inflated score is well above average and roughly equal if not slightlly higher than Spearmint Rhino.


Dancing and pole work about average but lap dances can be well above average, especially if sitting away from the lighted areas. Sapphires' has a clear stairway joining the 2 floors of the club.  Main stage is on the 2nd floor and not easy to see.  There are 2 stages on the main first floor but those are also higher than average--roughly dancer ankle viewing height.


Lap dances are $20 with different VIP levels and pricing.  3 dances go for $150, main first floor VIP (before drinks and extra tips) $200 for 1/2 hour and $400 for 1 hour.  Sapphires' also has extra VIP levels with the Rockstar on the main floor and 10 Skyboxes on the 2nd level.  Rockstar is underneath the see-through stairway and stage which can seat about 15-20 with 3 bottles and champagne for $1,350.


Skyboxes are the large private rooms on the 2nd level with a second floor bar to serve them.  Boxes 2 through 8 seat 4-5 including the strippers.  Boxes 1 and 10 go up to a dozen or more occupancy.  There is a minimum $350 bottle per hour per Skybox fee.  Each dancer per hour (not including tips) is $575.  1 girl for 1 hour is $925.  2 girls for 1 hour is $1,500.  1 girl for 2 hours is $1,850.


Regular drink pricing is $17 for a beer, a few dollars more for mixed drinks.  No food prepared at Sapphires.


Grade:  A-  Sapphire's has improved over the years but is still a notch below Spearmint Rhino.  Drinks are very expensive unless there is a special event.  Hustle factor is low.  Stage design is mild negative.  High roller options.





Topless strip club with liquor and steakhouse open Sun-Thu from 4pm to 6am and open Fri-Sat 4 pm to 9am. $30 cover, before 10PM $20.  Locals free if no cab taken.


Dancer looks 5-8, overall above Vegas average and a bit more buxom than average too.  Dancing and pole work below average.  Lap dancing has lighter contact than many other Vegas gentlemen's clubs.


Club has a small steakhouse that only seats about 40 or so.  Quality is pretty good although pricing is somewhat high at about $40+ per average entree and ala carte sides.  Expect to pay roughly the same as Circus Circus Steakhouse but not quite the quality.  Only fine dining and gentlemen's club in Vegas until Cover Girls opens their steakhouse.


Treasures has 2 stages, one front and larger stage at rear.  In the afternoons, expect about 20 dancers with count going to 100+ at peak strip club time in Vegas which is around 10 pm to 3 am.  Strippers seem friendlier than average during non-peak times and engage in chatting.


Lap dances are $20 with VIP options that vary by the room.  3 dances are $100.  Half an hour is $260, Full hour $500 with 2 drink minimum in the section with the love seats.  The other, more private VIP area requires bottle service that starts at $175. Although VIP pricing is competitive, mileage does not seem to be high.


Happy Hour beer and wells are $1 from 4 to 6pm.  Normal pricing is a bit high at $10 a beer with other drinks almost lap dance prices.  There is a pretty good buffet that changes daily form 4:30 to 8pm and is free.


Grade:  B.  Steakhouse option, free buffet and good happy hour puts this upscale club ahead of some others.  More strippers and more lap and VIP mileage would definitely raise rating. Hustle factor lower than most.




General Strip Club Comments

For those in very big groups, Sapphires and Crazy Horse III have large areas as does Rick's which may re-open as Cover Girls.  Crazy Horse III currently has the best happy hour too.  For the fine dining/strip club combination experience, Treasures is the choice.  If you are a beer guzzler who does not like upscale clubs that have the best dancers, Larry's Villa has a $2.75, 1 beer minimum for the downscale patrons.

Strip clubs in Vegas are somewhat bigger and have better girls than most strip clubs in the U.S. However, despite Vegas’ image, contact is regulated and some girls abide by the rules. The money grubbing level (the Hustle factor) in Vegas may be higher than other cities. Also, cabbies get paid to bring customers into the clubs and are NOT unbiased sources of information. Always demand to be taken to the club of your choice.

Critical factors in choosing a Vegas Strip club are:


  • Girls’ looks
  • Mileage (how stimulating the girls can be)
  • Hustle Factor
  • Girls’ dancing ability
  • Food and Drink
  • Number of girls
  • Strip Club Ambiance
  • Girls’ costumes
  • Design
  • Nude/Topless

Most dancers will range in looks from 5-10 with smaller clubs lagging the majors by about a point or two. Spearmint Rhino probably averages around 8 out of 10 and leads the pack on many nights.

However, Strip Clubs don't have set personnel so dancers come and go with more available when Vegas is busy. Olympic Garden often has fairly buxom dancers. If you like the thinner athletic look, often the nude clubs such as Little Darlings will fare better for their bodies, less so faces.


This varies by both club and the individual girls. Sometimes action is better in VIP (it always sounds like it will be) but not always. It is common for some VIP patrons to feel as if the reward did not merit the cost.

Cheetah’s and Little Darling’s can have very good lap dances but vary with the girl (and the amount of tipping). Little Darling’s also has discounted lap dances twice a night when busy. Downtown your choice is limited to just one club but Girls of Glitter Gulch can sometimes try very hard to please you.

Hustle Factor

One of the clubs with the least amount of money grubbing is The Library, a perennial locals’ favorite but inconvenient to the Strip and recommended only for locals or those with a car. Showgirls Video has no pressure but is only a peep show. Other Locals places like Play It Again Sam and Talk of the Town are also low key.

At the typical Vegas club, they want lap dances and tips galore especially to go into the VIP rooms. The problem is that depending on the girl, it may not be that rewarding for you although certainly for the girl, club and bouncers.

Some clubs such as the Can-Can Room (Las Vegas’ oldest nude club) will sometimes work very hard to empty your wallet. The hustle factor can also be very high at some of the more upscale places such as Scores and Club Paradise.


The best dance routines are usually found at Club Paradise and Little Darling’s. Club Paradise is more classic while Little Darling’s sometimes have very athletic (but less busty and polished) performers.

Olympic Gardens, Spearmint Rhino and Treasures often have good dancers. At some clubs the dancers move in time to the music (or maybe not) with the enthusiasm of someone doing household chores.

Food and Drink

Our current choice for fine dining is Treasure’s. The food is a bit overpriced for what you can get in Vegas but is convenient for those seeking an upscale full evening out. See our dining discount section if you plan on eating at Treasures because it might save you 50%. You can click on the red underlined link.  We apologize for the non standard link color.  Discounts

Most Las Vegas strip clubs do not serve food but may be near restaurants. You can get pizza and wings from Boston Pizza at Olympic Garden, Capriotti’s subs at Seamless and from Jerry's Nugget across from the Palomino, for example.

Spearmint Rhino has fairly good bar food (we like Tommy Rocker's a bit more) but only Monday through Saturday. Play It Again Sam's full menu is 24/7.

As in most cities, nude clubs do not serve alcohol with the exception of the Palomino in North Las Vegas which was grand fathered in before current laws. We recommend Palomino if you have to have both nude and alcohol together. You only have to be 18 for the nude clubs but 21 to drink alcohol.

Some of the Las Vegas Strip Clubs have drink specials so always ask when ordering. Daytime during the week is usually the best discount time.

The current best deal for cheap drink and food is Crazy Horse III which used to be Penthouse and before that Sin. Monday to Friday from 3-9 pm food and drinks are free with no admission either.

Free drinks consist of domestic beers and well drinks (you can still pay for imported beers and called liquors if you are picky) and the food is American Italian such as pizzas and calzones.  Lap dances are still the industry standard $20.

If drinking cheap beer is of utmost concern to you, Larry’s Villa charges $2.75 but they expect you to tip the girls as part of the 1 beer minimum cover. Most Strip Club beers are around $6-7

Quantity of Dancers

In addition to quality, quantity of girls also helps. This varies a lot depending on conventions or holidays. Smaller clubs may have fewer than 5 girls a shift.  The following 7 Las Vegas strip clubs usually have the most dancers (100+) through the various shifts on Friday and Saturday nights:

  • Spearmint Rhino
  • Sapphire
  • Olympic Garde


Most strip club costumes are variations of a bikini/lingerie type of look. If you prefer a gown look, the 2 best clubs are Club Paradise and Treasures. The typical stripping routine (in Vegas and everywhere else) is not so clothed, less clothed, then topless (or nude) while on stage. Little Darling’s/Deja Vu is unique because they go nude offstage then come back to perform nude.

Vegas Bachelor


Seamless has the best ambiance of the clubs for those looking for an upscale feel. Seamless is more like a high end nightclub (which it is from 4 am to noon) and the best bathrooms of any strip club. The skyboxes, if you can afford them, are private at Sapphire and are VIP rooms. Palomino and Velvet Lion have had decor upgrades.

If you do not like upscale, Larry’s Villa, The Library, and Talk of the Town are less formal. These are locals oriented and usually with the lowest hustle factor. Larry's could definitely appeal to those who do not like upscale clubs.

Stage Design

Most clubs have reasonable designs but Sapphire has an issue. Sapphire’s stage is high and cuts off the viewing angle from some close-up areas. However, they also have the skyboxes which look down on the floor for a unique viewing angle that some might prefer.

Badda Bing has upper level and a main floor stage that is small but is being expanded and will have 3 poles. As of February 6, 2009 the exact completion date is not known but it should be a very competitive design when finished.

For the claustrophobic, the 71,000 square foot Sapphire cannot be beat by any club in the U.S. with Rick's Cabaret (coming back as Cover Girls?) (50,000) and Crazy Horse III (40,000) also quite large. The Hustler Club is currently based on the old Chez Moi but when finished later this year or early 2010 should be about 30,000-47,000 square feet

The locals clubs are also the smaller clubs as well so you can get a more intimate feel at places such as Talk of the Town, etc. but these smaller clubs have fewer girls as well with less than 50 for their weekend shifts and often less than 20.

Nude versus Topless

Here are the clubs divided by nude and topless. Palomino is nude with alcohol. Club Paradise does not serve food but can cater groups if you call ahead to arrange.

Vegas Strip Club Nude/Topless Age Alcohol Food
Babe's Topless 21 Yes
Cheetah's Topless 21 Yes
Chicas Bonitas Topless 21 Yes
Club Paradise Topless 21 Yes No*
Club Platinum Topless 21 Yes
Cover Girls Topless 21 Yes Steakhouse
Crazy Horse III Topless 21 Yes Bar Food, Sushi
Deja Vu Topless 21 Yes Snacks
Foxy Girls Topless 21 Yes
Girls, Girls, Girls Topless 21 Yes Not yet
Girls of Glitter Gulch Topless 21 Yes
Hustler Topless 21 Yes
Larry's Villa Topless 21 Yes Bar Food
Library Topless 21 Yes
LollyPops Topless 21 Yes
Olympic Garden Topless 21 Yes
Play It Again Sam Topless 21 Yes
Sapphire Topless 21 Yes
Secret Topless 21 Yes Not Reviewed Yet
Spearmint Rhino Topless 21 Yes Bar Food
Treasures Topless 21 Yes Steakhouse
Showgirl Video Peepshow 18 No
Can-Can Room Nude 18 No
Diamond Cabaret Nude 18 No Snacks
Little Darlings Nude 18 No Snacks
Palomino Club Nude 21 Yes
Pussycat Lounge Nude 18 No
Sheri's Cabaret Nude 18 No
Talk of the Town Nude 18 No

Contact Info for Vegas Gentlemen's Clubs

You can click on the name of the club to go to their website.  If there is no underline, there was no website available. All Las Vegas phones are area code 702.

Vegas Gentlemen's Clubs Phone Address Zip
Babes 435-7545 5901 Emerald Ave. 89122
Can-Can Room 737-6846 3155 Industrial Rd. 89116
Cheetah's 384-0074 2112 Western Ave 89102
Chicas Bonitas 256-7894 1818 LV Blvd. N. 89030
Club Paradise 734-7990 4416 Paradise Rd 89119
Club Platinum 732-1111 311 E. Flamingo 89169
Cover Girls 367-4000 3355 S. Procyon 89102
Crazy Horse III 673-1700 3525 W. Russell 89118
Dega Vu 308-4605 3247 Industrial Ave 89109
Diamond Cabaret 731-2365 3177 S. Highland 89109
Foxy Girls 735-5750 3013 S. Highland 89109
Girls, Girls, Girls 767-8118 4740 S. Arville St. 89103
Girls of Glitter Gulch 385-4774 20 E Fremont St 89101
Hustler 795-3131 6007 Dean Martin 89118
Larry's Villa 647-2713 2401 W. Bonanza 89106
Library 641-6800 3785 Boulder Hwy 89121
Little Darlings 366-1141 1514 Western Ave. 89102
LollyPops 529-1115 6370 Windy Rd 89119
OG 385-9361 1531 S. Las Vegas Blvd. 89104
Palamino Club 642-2984 1848 N. Las Vegas Blvd. 89030
Play It Again Sam's 876-1550 4120 W. Spring Mountain 89102
Pussycat Lounge 365-1408 3525 S Procyon 89103
Sapphire 796-6000 3025 S. Industrial 89109
Secret 253-1555 3750 S. Valley View 89103
Sheri's Cabaret 792-1400 2580 S Highland 89109
Showgirl Video 385-4554 631 S. Las Vegas Blvd 89101
Spearmint Rhino 796-3600 3344 S. Highland Ave 89109
Talk of the Town 385-1800 1238 S. Las Vegas Blvd 89104
Treasures 257-3030 2801 Westwood 89109

Other Tips


The TA (Taxicab Authority) phone number is 702-486-6532 which you could use if the cab driver does not take you to the club you prefer.  If you or a friend drive to the clubs, talk to the doorman about a possible deal since they did not have to pay $50 a head.


Gauge how much you want to spend before going to the club.  Some ATM fees at the Vegas Strip Clubs are $29 or more.


VIP is a splurge that does not guarantee better "service" but is often hard to resist given the siren song upsell.  Mileage varies by dancer and club.


Vegas Bachelor


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