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Best Las Vegas Video Poker

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Best Vegas Video Poker


The best Vegas Video Poker is The Palms because of its consistent offerings of high return machines.

On the Strip, no major casinos have positive expectation games but Wynn has a reasonable comps program and inventory of near 100% return games. We also rank it as one of the best overall casinos for large bankroll players.

Hilton has a very large selection of decent machines near their best-in-Vegas Sports Book. Venetian also has acceptable machines and a better than average comps program (for the Strip).

Downtown, Main Street Station and Fremont have some good Video Poker inventory and Main Street Station comps redeem very well. El Cortez has some 100%+ return games but they are often occupied.

For locals or visitors with a car in the southern part of Vegas, the Silverton (except for its Poker Room and Sports Book) is a uniformly outstanding casino especially strong in Video Poker as well as good value restaurants.

In the Northwest, Red Rock followed by Suncoast are recommended. In the Northeast, Cannery has an inventory of 100% plus games and is a very strong overall Local’s casino.

Budget minded players should try the Cannery and Hooter’s. High rollers have few options but Wynn and Venetian have nice décor.

In addition, we strongly recommend that players who want to play at a very small disadvantage or at a small advantage to the casino purchase Video Poker courses that pay for themselves very easily. You may find it very surprising how strong a value these courses are. The Deuces Wild (Full Pay version), and Jacks or Better games are the most useful to learn.

Years ago, Video Poker players could make a living playing the machines in Vegas. Today, it is still possible but more difficult. Usually when one casino adds some 100% plus machines, 2 other casinos downgrade theirs.

Even when there are good machines to play, the “Burn-Out Artists” and “Fleas” may hog the machines anyway. A very good reference for Video Poker as a living, as well as an overall gambling guide, is Bob Dancer’s autobiography. Here are links to that book. Also, see our analysis, Video Poker for a Living in Las Vegas.

Of the several good sources for proper strategy, Vegas Made recommends Video Poker for Winners (VPW) as our top choice with Frugal Video Poker our second recommendation. Our top picks for books are Bob Dancer's life as a VP pro, Jean Sott's Paytable guide and her book on Video Poker.  The links below, even though they are underlined red, will click through as if they were the standard blue underline links.


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