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Best Las Vegas Bingo Halls

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Best Las Vegas Bingo

The best overall Bingo Room in Las Vegas is Red Rock due to its large modern facility, competitive prizes, and separate smoking and non-smoking sections. A recently upgraded player's card program also helps.

For around the clock bingo, if you don’t mind a mixed smoking/non-smoking format, Arizona Charlie’s Boulder and Decatur are your choices with the Boulder (eastside) location slightly preferred. For a small bingo game clearly separated into smoking and non-smoking, the Silver Nugget in North Las Vegas would be your choice.


Downtown, the Plaza is the last remaining Bingo Room. On the North Strip, Riviera's small room is well planned out with video poker, snack room and plenty of electronics on hand. Gold Coast (most bingo seats in Las Vegas) is your best bet if you have a large group that you want to seat together.

Las Vegas Bingo Overview

Las Vegas casinos don't make much money if any on Bingo which means you can play the game with a reasonable expectation of breaking even long term. The temptation is spending the hour downtime (sessions are every other hour, lasting about an hour) playing other games where the casinos keep much more of your money. Bingo also has a lottery aspect (some big winners, many losers) so you may go many sessions just "one away" before being rewarded for your stubborness.

Click here to see the most recent 2011 win rates for casinos. The Nevada Gaming Control Board (the Board) classifies Bingo as a table game, while breaks it out separately as a Room Game.


The total bingo seats in the Vegas area is just below 10K with 188,713 total square feet devoted to the Bingo rooms. This assumes Riviera's is 6,000 as in their press release and does not count Jerry's Nugget square footage which is not yet in the Board's database yet.


Prizes vary from casino to casino and session to session but Station Casino’s and Boyd's Gaming have linked progressives for their Bingo Halls. Texas Station is the bingo headquarters for the Station casinos but your chances of winning the linked progressives are no better or worse at the other Station properties. Linked progressives can exceed $50K.

Vegas Bingo Rooms offer a bonus option. If the Cashball pulled at the start of a 3 PM session is G58 and you bingo with G58 then you win a jackpot than can range from a few hundred to over $10K. If no one bingos on G58 at 3 PM, the prize money is rolled over to the 3 PM session the following day.


Sessions can have wildly differing amounts for the Cashball except for a few casinos such as Silver Nugget that have set Cashball amounts. Eldorado, Poker Palace and Silver Nugget use the term Moneyball While Plaza, Riviera and Sam's Town use the term Hotball instead of Cashball.

Smoking/Non-Smoking Bingo Rooms

At some casinos, a smoker could sit very close to a non-smoker. The Sun Coast has a typical Las Vegas Bingo Hall configuration where smokers have their set of tables across the room from non-smokers but some tables are not very far from each other.


Red Rock uses glass enclosures to completely separate smoking and non-smoking Bingo players with Silver Nugget using their selling stations to separate their rooms. Some newer Vegas bingo rooms only have non-smoking such as Aliante and Riviera.

Bingo Electronics

If beeping annoys you or you are a very traditional dauber type of player, you may like the Fiesta Henderson which is all paper. Every other Bingo Room in Las Vegas has both portable and stationary electronic units as well as paper. Should daubing all 30 cards you are playing simultaneously be an issue, the electronics will “mark” the cards for you.


TV reception on the stationary units is usually acceptable but screens are small. Portable Color Bingo electronics in Las Vegas is almost always $2 ($1 more for the stationary units) but Arizona Charlie’s Boulder is $1 to rent.

Bingo Strategy

There are some ways to improve your chances. Bingo Rooms are less crowded early in the morning and in bad weather. If there are gusting winds, pouring rain, or very high heat, attendance can be light.


At the Gold Coast, one of their 9 am sessions during high heat in June 2007 had less than 50 players for a room that can hold 720. Arizona Charlie’s is very popular because they have sessions around the clock, reasonable prices and good cheap food. However, at the 3:00 am sessions, they will often have 50 or fewer players. As long as there is no mad surplus of knuckleheads with a hundred cards or more, your chances get better with fewer players.

The opposite strategy is to play when there are group awards and hope somebody, anybody, hits a big one and you get to split some of it. You can also play as a group with some friends and agree in advance to share whatever jackpots the group hits. You must set clear rules to make sure no one is playing their own card that is not part of the group's.

However, the most important tip is to avoid the slot machines while you are in between Bingo sessions. Even if you are playing in the Boulder Strip area, the house Edge on slot machines is over 5% which is very high compared to Bingo.


Las Vegas Bingo Information

Here are tables with the smoking/non-smoking information and room size followed by the phone numbers and session information. The Gaming Control Board (Board) is the source of most of the seating and square footage information. Jerry's Nugget info is not in the Board's database. We estimated seats at Riviera at 6 per 27 tables.

All Vegas Bingo parlors run on an every other hour basis. A 10 am session will be followed at noon and a 3 pm session follows a 1 pm session. Note that Silverton is only open Wednesdays, Sundays and Mondays starting in June. Jerry's Nugget skips the 5 pm session.


Vegas Bingo Hall Smoking Seats Non-Smoking Total Seats Square Feet
Aliante 0 216 216 5,624
Arizona Charlie's Boulder 250 250 500 7,546
Arizona Charlie's Decatur 267 268 535 9,196
Boulder Station 293 293 586 9,125
Cannery 70 218 288 5,108
Eastside Cannery* 135 315 450 5,108
Eldorado 100 105 205 3,560
Fiesta Henderson 100 200 300 5,000
Fiesta Rancho 100 298 398 6,280
Gold Coast 160 560 720 11,150
Jerry's Nugget* 36 164 200 ***
Palace Station* 102 205 307 8,400
Plaza 210 210 420 6,500
Poker Palace 85 120 205 5,000
Red Rock 204 406 610 18,278
Riviera** 0 162 162 6,000***
Sam's Town 150 350 500 7,400
Santa Fe Station 200 288 488 8,400
Silver Nugget 100 50 150 5,880
Silverton 0 225 225 6,750
South Point 240 400 640 12,933
Suncoast 158 440 598 12,000
Sunset Station 200 320 520 9,125
Terrible's 65 65 130 4,050
Texas Station 250 250 500 10,300

*Smoking/Non-Smoking estimate

**Riviera estimates seating for 1,200

***Square footage not in Gaming Control Board database

Here are the webiste links, local 702 area code phone numbers, and session times.


Las Vegas Bingo Room First (AM) Last (PM) Phone Notes
Aliante 11 9 692-7777
Arizona Charlie's Boulder 1 11 951-5800 24 hours
Arizona Charlie's Decatur 1 11 58-5200 24 hours
Boulder Station 9 11 432-7777
Cannery 11 9 507-5825 11 pm Fri and Sat only
Eastside Cannery 10 10 856-5402
Eldorado 1 PM 9 564-1811 11 pm Fri and Sat only
Fiesta Henderson 9 11 558-7000 Paper Only
Fiesta Rancho 9 11 631-7000
Gold Coast 9 11 367-7111
Jerry's Nugget 11 9 399-3000 No 5 PM session
Palace Station 9 11 367-2411
Plaza 11 9 386-2110
Poker Palace 11 11 649-3799
Red Rock 11 11 797-7777 Separate Smoking area
Riviera 1 PM 7 794-9527
Sam's Town 9 11 450-8310
Santa Fe Station 9 11 658-4900
Silver Nugget 1 PM 9 399-1111
Silverton 1 7 263-7777 Starting June Open M,W,S
South Point 11 1 AM 796-7111
Suncoast 9 11 636-7111
Sunset Station 9 11 547-7777
Terrible's 11 9 733-7000
Texas Station 9 11 631-1000


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