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Las Vegas Best Seafood Restaurants & Buffets

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Best Seafood Restaurants in Las Vegas

  • Restaurant Charlie (closed March 2010)
  • Michael Mina
  • Bartolotta's

Restaurant Charlie (Palazzo) has great variety and presentation with interesting flavor combinations from chef Charlie Trotter.  The strength is tasting menus that change and accommodate repeat visits well.  It is much less signature dish driven than other top restaurants.  See our Vegas Fine Dining article.

The current tasting menus are the Grand and Degustation which offer 8 and 12 courses at $175 and $250 and are at the high end of Vegas seafood prices.  Good entrees include Hamachi with short ribs, Monkfish and Lobster in the $40+ range.

Michael Mina (Bellagio) has excellent signature dishes of tuna tartare, great caviar offerings, miso cod, and a slightly over-rated but still excellent lobster pot pie.  If you are a fan of his cookbook, you can get the Cookbook Tasting Menu at $108 per person with another tasting menu at $88 and $55 for a pre-theater menu.

Bartolotta's (Wynn) flies in the freshest (53 hours out of the water to table) Mediterranean fish (that varies) which is well prepared and offered with choice of sauces.  Always choose the tomato.  Pricing is $14-22 per 3 ounces.  Other dishes are more hit and miss.  If you view his restaurant as a seafood shrine, your prayers will be answered.  For pastas, you are better off at B&B (Palazzo) instead.  

Las Vegas seafood is much better than you would think because most seafood is flown in daily to top seafood restaurants regardless of location.  There are some ocean-fronting restaurants that immediately buy a catch from a just docked boat but that boat may have been out on the water several days or even weeks before returning to shore.


If a restaurant works hard at sourcing such as Bartolotta's , the quality of product will be good even if the eatery is in the middle of the desert.  Here are some other top Vegas seafood choices.


Mastro's (Crystals at CityCenter) has a very good Chilean sea bass (Alaskan sablefish) for $40, cold seafood towers that are custom ordered (averaging roughly $50 or so per person).  Strong dishes also include $37 Lobster mashed potato and a great dessert in its butter cake at $14.  Interesting ambiance if you get a table in the treehouse section.  Although Mastro's pricing is not low, fish portions are a decent 12 ounces.  There are also comments on Mastro's in our Vegas Steakhouse section.


rm (Mandalay Place at Mandalay Bay) has a very good $35 Cioppino, sushi/sashimi (rolls range from $12-$32) and a non-traditional but very good $12 chowder (thinner less heavy than the usual Boston clam).  Shellfish samplers are very fresh with the massive Ktichen Sink at around $350 varying up and down by maybe $50 or so.  The Large will work well for 2 people at $150 within a range of plus or minus $25. This is still one of the best seafood choices for Vegas especially if concerned with sustainability of seafood.


Seablue (MGM) is another Michael Mina owned restaurant with the variaton of tagine cooking which keeps moisture in especially compared to flat round Paella pans.  This means that the crunch on the Paella rice does not develop which is either a good or bad thing.  We think the $42 Paella is very good with a nice $32 John Dory.


McCormick & Schmick (335 Hughes Center Dr) is in a corporate businesss park not far from the Strip and one of the better seafod places in Vegas.  Variety is very good and when available, the Chilean sea bass (actually Alaskan sablefish) is top notch.  The $22 cedar salmon is reliable and always available with non-memorable side dishes from $4-$6.  Overall pricing is moderate but quality is high.  Also, see our Vegas Happy Hour comments.


Joe's Seafood, Prime Steak and Stone Crabs (Ceasars Forum Shops) has an excellent $8 grilled tomato side dish, the best key lime pie ($7) in Vegas and stone crabs ($20 appetizer to $53 large) which are tasty but not quite as sweet as blue or king.  Overall quality is very good over a large menu which is hard to achieve.  This is a very good choice for groups.


American Fish (Aria) is another Michael Mina outpost but this feartures salt baked fish with the Branzino and Trout at $42 and $42 very well prepared.  They also use sea water poaching, cast iron griddling, and grilling/smoking.  The $9 caulifolower and brussel sprouts side dishes are very good. Black cod is often prepared better at other top seafood restaurants.


Here are more casual recommendations that have more narrow focus.


Hot N Juicy Crawfish (4810 Spring Mountain) sells crawfish by the 1 lb. bag for $12 along with shrimp and blue crabs with the shrimp in mild or butter/garlic their top dish.  It is highly recommended you wear casual clothes.  Not fine dining but very fine eating.  Their very spicy sauce is true to name.


Oyster Bar (Palace Station) has excellent Pan Roasts which are actually thick soups with no roasting involved at all. The combo with shrimp, lobster, crab and a scoop of rice is $19.49 and is a full meal.  The gumbo is pretty good too at the same price structure of $18 for a single item of shellfish such as crab, etc.


Hush Puppy (7185 Charleston; 1820 Nellis) has $12.50 fried catfish with very good psuedo-hush puppies that are more like egg-shaped cornbread that dip into sweetened butter.  Their hush puppies are basically eating desert before the meal which some might find disconcerting but we think is perfectly fine.  Salad bar is not inspiring and the fries only passable.  If you have a catfish itch, this will scratch.



Rating Price Type Features
Restaurant Charlie A+ High end Variety Tasting Menus; Hamachi/Short Ribs
Michael Mina A High end Variety Miso Cod, Lobster Pot Pie, Cookbook Tasting Menu
Bartolotta's A High end Variety Flown-in Whole Fish w Tomato Sauce;
Mastro's A- Med-High Variety "Chilean Sea Bass," Lobster Mash, Butter Cake
rm A- Med-High Variety Cioppino, Cold Sampler, Chowder
Seablue B+ Med-High Variety Non-Crunchy Paella (Tagine), John Dory, Oysters
McCormick & Schmick B+ Med-High Variety "Chilean Sea Bass," Happy Hour
Joe's Seafood, Prime Steak B+ Med-High Variety Tomato, Key Lime Pie, Stone Crab
American Fish B+ Med-High Variety Salt Baking (Branzino, Trout) Tasting Menu
Hot N Juicy A- Low end Specialist Shrimp/Crawfish/Crab in a bag; Limited Menu
Oyster Bar B Low end Specialist Pan Roasts/Gumbo
Hush Puppy C- Low end Specialist Fried Catfish, "Hush Puppies"

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